Organizational Collaborative Culture Survey & Report

A tool for fostering collaborative cultures and hiring the right people

This beta Survey & Report was designed to be an organizational tool that anyone can use in to facilitate hiring the right people and/or for improving culture!

Success in organizations is increasingly achieved through efficiency, innovation and flexibility. In collaborative cultures, people are working in flow toward a common outcome. Derived from your answers to the Organization Collaborative Culture questions, this stand-alone self-report will reflect the culture of your unique organization. It is based on the theory that culture in the workplace is the dynamic result of established norms within the organization, the influence and support of leadership, cooperation and communication within teams, and also the motivation and focus of individuals. The values, attitudes, actions, and environment all influence the practices, leaders, teams, and individuals of a working group and shape and are affected by the culture.

Who can benefit from this Instrument?
This is ideal for organizations size 1 up to thousands, for profits or non-profits, knowledge based, skill based, service based organizations. The principles, impact of culture, and climate in the workplace are universal. To stay relevant in the world today, working groups need to be collaborative, function interdependently, and be cohesive to work together productively and efficiently!
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  • The EIS Organization Collaborative Culture 45 item Survey
  • Colored Scoring Charts
  • Graphs Depicting your Zone of Collaboration
  • Suggestions for Strengthening Collaboration
  • Your Culture Action Plan

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