Organizational Group Coaching Programs

Improving your small group or organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and interpersonal skills all in a great experience with your peers and the benefits of a coach.

Organizational Group Programs:

Collaborative & Emotionally Intelligent Culture (CEIC) Plan

CEIC is a comprehensive professional development program that educates, develops, and guides personnel for actions, communication, and processes through the emotional intelligence and culture building training series. It consists of three modules: the self, relationships, responsible choices and actions. Overtime, managers will demonstrate and eventually transform their work climates with the skills, behaviors, and tools to build a positive, culture based on emotionally intelligent leaders. The managers will walk away from the program with clarity on how to develop skills and strengths, manage emotions, lead and coach, and cultivate a positive, collaborative culture.

CEIC will build skills, empower, and motivate through instruction:

  • Processes
  • Stories
  • Games

Organization Leadership & Professional Development (OLPD) Program

OLPD is a comprehensive professional development program that helps support members of an organization who need leadership development or who will be entering leadership positions. The program will develop leadership skills through a four stage process. The initial stage supports the members as they adjust to the organizational demands while also finding a work-life balance. This will help them gain clarity around their strengths and growth opportunities and help build a community within their cohort. To strengthen their emotional intelligence, the second stage will focus on building personal skills such as awareness, transparency, and optimism. The third stage extends the focus to building relationship skills such as empathy, influence, inspiring others, collaborate, and bond building to strengthen their leadership abilities. The final stage focuses on enhancing interview and presentation skills, as well as communication assets. Members of the program will walk away equipped with the leadership skill gained from clarity on their strengths, emotional intelligence, relationship skills, and influence.

OLPD provides:

  • Foundation for Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Practical Application
  • Refining Presentation

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