1. Who should seek coaching support?

If you want to achieve the next level of success, then coaching may be the tool you need. If you are willing to take the time to talk to a coach about improving your actions, coaching is a good match for you. Essentially, anyone who believes in growing and making changes to positively impact their lives in the short and the long run is ready to gain the benefits of coaching.

2. How do I recommend coaching to a business owner or manager that needs it?

When you want to recommend coaching to another person, you can begin by letting them know you know they can achieve great things. Then, share that coaching is a resource used by thousands of people. Coaching provides a confidential thought partner to progress through actions to reach your desired outcomes. There are coaches with a variety of expertise. You can suggest they find the one that resonates with them and partner up. As a reminder, investing in ourselves is the best money we ever spend.

3. What things are your clients seeking to improve?

Our clients seek to improve their interactions and outcomes at work. Often times that includes building communication skills, emotional intelligence skills, and leadership skills. They are interested in learning effective ways to lead or perform and to grow into the professional they aspire to be.

4. What services does ExecIntel Solutions, LLC provide?

We provide individual and group executive (business) coaching, leadership and professional development, culture and team building, emotional intelligence and leadership skills and engagement and collaboration training, communication process and goals consultation, custom surveys, and hiring support. Most of our engagements include the use of world-renowned assessments providing metrics and accountability for growth. In addition to services, ExecIntel Solutions, LLC offers some products for individuals and organizations for self-directed work.

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