The Benefits of Executive Coaching

Is Executive Coaching beneficial? You can expect to experience what a group of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies reported when surveyed by Manchester Review.
  • Working relationships with direct reports improved 77%
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors increased 71%
  • Teamwork increased 67%
  • Working relationships with peers increased 63%
  • Job satisfaction increased 61%
  • Conflict was reduced by 52%
  • Organizational commitment increased by 44%
  • Working relationships with clients increased by 37%
  • Source: Manchester Review 2001, Vol . 6, 1 (Jan. 16, 2001)

Group Coaching Benefits

Group coaching benefits professionals and organizations alike. This service provides a forum for professionals to learn from the experience and success of others, develop skills and practice new behaviors, and grow their confidence and communication - all at an attractive and affordable cost. This service is ideal for middle and front line managers, independent professionals, and those who simply want to grow their success. Our group coaching services are designed for everyone to access the benefits of coaching, at a price point they can afford.

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