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We believe in the unique approach to happiness in the workplace - that all clients can enjoy the benefits of greater fulfillment and productivity.

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The President and primary Executive Coach for ExecIntel Solutions, LLC is Nancy Schill. She designs, guides, and leads the company's coaching, training, and consulting engagements. Nancy adjusts the size of her team with additional coaches, professionals, and assistants based upon the company’s goals and client needs.

Ms. Schill specializes in assessing, developing, coaching, creating and guiding individuals and teams toward plans for improved development, productivity and a culture that is positive. She focuses on behavior change designed to help her clients improve emotional intelligence, operate in their areas of strength, and work in a collaborative framework. Nancy has delivered proven results for CEOs, Presidents, Chairmen, Partners, Directors, Small Business Owners, Brokers, and Office Managers by moving them forward on their goals, improving communication skills and relationships while, increasing job productivity and motivation. She is considered the “leader’s rainmaker” through her programs that enhance leadership skills, strategic planning, collaborative team culture, and employee engagement. She is an expert asset builder and developer with analytical talents supporting successful professionals and technical clients seeking to cultivate their communication and influence skills and minimize flawed assumptions.

Nancy Schill has a Specialist level M.A. degree (1998) in School Psychology from Texas State University in San Marcos and a B.A. degree (1992) in Psychology from the University of Texas in Austin. She is a published author in a professional psychology association journal. In addition, she has created a culture survey, leadership action planner, and a goal-setting workbook. Ms. Schill is also a Certified Professional Coach, from the College of Executive Coaching, an ICF accredited training institute and maintains two state licenses and a national certification in psychology. Nancy is always innovating new ways to help people at work. Currently, she resides in Austin, TX where she is trying her hand at vegetable gardening and she enjoys yoga, horseback riding, and spending time with her family.

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