Our Approach to Business Coaching

Improve Emotional Intelligence Skills at Work and Build Effective Leadership

There are three components that will contribute to your success in business and in life:
  • Strong emotional intelligence skills

  • Spending time on tasks where you have natural talents

  • Adopting a spirit of collaboration in working with others

It may be time to strengthen your influence to help you rise to new challenges. Relevant, effective assessments and business training in the hands of a skilled executive coach will deliver results for you and your business. As a leader or manager at any level of business, you can experience the confidence, control, and ability to inspire others and generate success.

The Four Stages of our Process


Through a series of specifically selected assessments, we seek to discover where your strengths are as well as where your growth opportunities and blind-spots exist.


After we have uncovered your skills and individual tendencies, we'll explore your goals and motivations. Often times people choose the wrong goals. When there is internal conflict with our goals, it makes them hard to achieve. So, during the second stage we focus on identifying your true goals through activities that first identify your aspirations of their vision for the future and underlying foundational components.


The third stage is to take these newly discovered true goals that we identified in stage two and define them as they pertain to your career and your business or your professional life. Through a series of clarifying activities and action items, we'll begin to understand not only your business goals, but also your personal desires because these desires also impact your life at work.


In our fourth stage, your personalized strategic framework or development plan is laid out. And, the activities in this stage are designed to focus your natural talents and preferences, enhance your skills and emotional intelligence and set you up for achieving your true goals. Naturally, this is a plan unique to you. And, it can only be meaningfully defined when you have completed the first three stages of our process.

Success Through Coaching

When you enhance your natural tendencies and mitigate your weaknesses, you become more productive and effective. This, in turn, will allow you to approach team building in an intelligent and productive manner that compliments your natural work styles.

This is the promise of your Executive Intelligent Coach. If you are ready to begin, call our team at 512.541.1213.

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Evidence coaching works Success
"When coaching is added to the training program, day-to-day work performance increased by 88%."
International Personnel Management Association, report 2001

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