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A leadership development program featuring alternating, current topics, at your fingertips

The Instrument for Individual Improvement (III) is an affordable solution we offer for any individual leader seeking to enhance their skills in inspiring others, engagement, emotional intelligence, influence, and more.


As an alternative to individual coaching, the Instrument for Individual Improvement (III) subscription provides the closest thing to the information and guidance you would receive from one-on-one coaching sessions. This instrument is ideal for those who want to go beyond the resources at work and enhance their professional skills outside of the limited support their company may offer. For example, it is perfect for anyone in a midlevel manger position who is seeking the knowledge and resources to catapult their influence at work and in life.


The subscription provides guidance on exclusive topics that rotate each month. Monthly topics include motivation, engagement, emotional intelligence, innovation, inspiring others, and communication. The monthly guidance will be provided through:

Group Coaching Calls

Resource Tool Box
Articles, videos, presentations, documents

Weekly motivators
Focus and Progress accountability tips
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The Instrument for Individual Improvement is a subscription provided on the Google-platform. You may choose a quarterly, three-month subscription for $189.00, or you may choose a yearlong subscription for less than 65% of that cost, for $489 annually. During your subscription, you will be provided access to bi-monthly group coaching calls, monthly resource tool box that you may access at any time through email, and weekly motivators—all of which pertain to the unique/alternating topic of that month.

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