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Sharpen Emotional Intelligence Skills, Enhance Future Capabilities, Build Collaborative Culture

Maximize your capabilities by enhancing your skills and influence! Our executive coaching and leadership training programs have been created to do just that. Plus, they harness your natural talents and future capabilities. The result is improved effectiveness as a leader and better team performance.

We believe all leaders can strengthen their skills for greater success. Through executive coaching that strengthens your emotional intelligence skills, utilizes your personality preferences and natural talents, and enhances your leadership, you will begin to move toward your goals with greater purpose and confidence. Through our guidance, you will increase your awareness of yourself and others.

All great leaders are made through their focus on self-growth.

Take a look at two examples of our coaching packages.

Strong emotional intelligence leads to top performance!

A study of PepsiCo executives with high Emotional Intelligence outperformed peers by ~35%.
McClelland, '98; Psychological Sciences

Fundamental elements of Emotional Intelligence such as: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills, support the skills that account for 76% of the effectiveness of leading managers.
Goleman, '98; Working with Emotional Intelligence

In a study of 12,000 managers and executives, it was found that 80% of star performers' competencies were related to Emotional Intelligence.
Boyatzis, Weatherford School of Management

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